Monday, 11 August 2014

You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover

A book. All of this because of a book. I haven't even started reading the book and it brings tears to my eyes. I don't remember the last time I cried but this book...

I'm not a fan girl, although I love to read and "get into" the characters of a good book. I don't get angry if someone dies, lose sleep over plot twists or spam the author for the next book. If the book is well written I do tend to get wrapped up in the story and I enjoy the break from reality.

So why is a 172 page book I haven't even 'cracked open' making me cry? You know the saying "It's the thought that counts"? Well, it really is the thought that counts! I can't even begin to articulate what this book means to me. It's not the book, the content or even the fact that it was a gift. It's something so much more.

How did this all come about? I was having a casual conversation with the "right person" and suddenly I was holding a book. On the first page was written "The sky is the limit", something so simple. To anyone it seems like no big deal. The thing is no one, not even the person who gave me the book, understands how meaningful this is to me.

This book symbolizes acceptance. Plain and simple - I am good enough. All my life I have heard various versions of 'that's a great idea but...', 'You can't because...', 'You are talented; however,...;', 'You just don't fit into our...' I never seem to meet the cookie cutter stereotypes and in the end I am just not suitable for [fill in the blank].

For the first time ever not only am I appreciated, listened to and acknowledged but I have been accepted for who I am. I am not being told that I could be great if I change - I am being told that I am great the way I am! I finally have someone who believes in me. Someone who sees my potential and does not want to use me rather wants to mentor me and show me how to showcase my abilities.

Years of being put down, brushed off, and not taken seriously have played on my already low self-esteem causing me to keep my thoughts to myself, pull away from others and all of this has resulted in a general lack of trust. Lately there have been many people posting "gratitude" statuses on Facebook. We as a society should be grateful more often. It should not be a "challenge", rather a daily activity. 

This is my "grateful" post. I will always be grateful for that person who took the time to truly hear what I was saying and instead of dismissing my dreams, telling me why my dreams were nonsense or giving me an excuse said "let me help you get there", handed me a book and inscribed the book for me. 


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